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Beyond International Media Group takes a great honor in helping establish the overseas channel of Haiwai Net in New Zealand under the permission of the People’s Daily and Haiwai Net. The official website of New Zealand branch is

This news media channel embraces its vantage point by sharing the wealth of experience and complements with local knowledge of New Zealand. The objective is to make this channel a spiritual home for all Chinese in New Zealand and avid Chinese language learners. Also, it promotes the publicity of the Haiwai Net by actively providing an official platform for the cultural communication between New Zealand and China. Further, it strives to facilitate the cooperation in the field of politics, economics, business and trade, culture and arts.

Our Services

Digital Screen

The digital screen supports up to 4k image quality, which can better show the details of the advertisement.

Media Agency

Beyond Media has maintained a long-term relationship with most of the media platforms over New Zealand and China.

Public Relation

The aim of public relations is to inform the public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders,

Social Media

Interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation of information, ideas, career and other forms of expression

NR Magazine

A collectible high-end business magazine published in New Zealand and a platform for resource collection and integration.

Event Planning

Holding events could enhance your brand awareness in the local and international markets, thereby brings you more opportunities.

Customized Design and Printing

We provide you with one-stop service from ideas communication, product design, to final printing.

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